President of Baghdad Chamber of Commerce: Iraq seeks to reach the World Trade Organization

Date of release: 2019/2/25 12:55

(Baghdad: Al-Furat News) Baghdad Chamber of Commerce Chairman Jaafar al-Hamdani said that “Iraq is seeking various ways and events and activities to reach the WTO agreement and integrate its economy into the global economy.”

Al-Hamdani said that “after the signing of the trade agreement with the Jordanian side, trade and economic relations with traders and businessmen of both countries will be restored.”

He pointed out that “Iraq is in dire need of a joint Arab economic project to return to the incubator Arab and international,” noting that “the agreements that have signed with Jordan will be the real start to it.”

He stressed that “Iraq wants to be present in the Arab and international economic activities and reach the earliest time to the WTO agreement and the integration of Iraq in the global economy,” pointing out that “the agreements will be an opportunity to access the ports of the Red Sea through Jordan.”

Al-Hamdani added that “Iraq wants Jordan to access international banks, establish economic partnerships with Jordanian business owners and supply goods through Aqaba.”

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