Mosul hosts a joint meeting to activate the CBE’s credit initiatives 



Economy News _ Baghdad

Held in the city of Mosul, a joint meeting between the Central Bank of Iraq and the Association of Iraqi private banks and a number of leaders of the private sector and banking departments in the province to activate the initiatives of the Central Bank of the private sector.

A source in the Association of Private Banks, in an interview with “Economy News”, that “under the supervision of the Central Bank of Iraq and the Association of Iraqi private banks held in the city of Mosul, the joint meeting between leaders of the private sector and banking departments in the province of Nineveh to activate the initiatives of the Central Bank of Iraq credit to the Iraqi private sector “He said.

The source added that the meeting was attended by “the head of one-trillion-dollar initiative to finance small and medium enterprises Ahmed Ibrahim and the regional director of the Association of Iraqi private banks, Muhammad Munther,” noting that there are a number of participants in the meeting, including “the Economic and Finance Committee and the Industry Committee and the Committee on Agriculture in The Nineveh Provincial Council, the directors of the branches of government and private banks operating in Nineveh, Nineveh Investment Commission, the Ninawa Chamber of Commerce, the Faculty of Management and Economics at Mosul University, the Engineers Syndicate, the Bar Association and a number of businessmen. 

He stressed that “one of the most important points that were discussed obstacles facing banks in the city of Mosul and the search mechanisms to accept borrowing requests for small and medium-sized enterprises and identify the conditions of banks covered by credit coverage.”

Reuters: Iranian Foreign Minister announces his resignation



Reuters: Iranian Foreign Minister announces his resignation


of shifty reveals the date and the goal of his visit to Iraq


Macron reveals the date and purpose of his visit to Iraq
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Twilight News / announced the French president, Emmanuel shifty, on Monday, he will visit Iraq before the end of the year, “to offer his country’s support for reconstruction” after the defeat of the militants.

Shifty he confirmed that he will visit Iraq “within a few months” at the invitation of his counterpart, Barham Salih, who was a guest at the Elysee Palace for lunch.

He said that Iraq is shifty, a year after his victory over Daesh, which controlled a large part of its territory, “will play a key role in the region, a pivotal role.”

For his part, Saleh welcomed by the “model partnership” of Iraq, with France and the European Union “out of a very difficult period,” he directed his words to shifty: “We hope to welcome you in Baghdad soon.”

Saleh was on Monday morning visited UNESCO headquarters to discuss the reconstruction of the city of Mosul, the project, the former stronghold of militants in Iraq, which have been largely destroyed.

US envoy meets one of the founders of the Taliban to end the conflict in Afghanistan


Release date: 2019/2/25 22:14 • 15 times read
{International: Al Furat News} A senior US envoy, one of the founders of the Taliban, met for the first time in a bid to broker peace in Afghanistan as the latest round of talks began in Qatar.
US special envoy Zalmay Khalilzad said he had lunch with Mullah Abdul Ghani Pradar before “talks start”. 
Pakistan recently released Mullah Barader from his prison. 
His presence in Qatar is believed to increase the chance of agreement. 
The United States says talks between Washington and the Taliban in Qatar have made progress in ending a 17-year conflict in Afghanistan. 
Khalilzad said the January talks were “more positive than previous talks,” but added that some issues were still pending. 
He said an “initial framework” for a peace agreement had been agreed, based on the United States commitment to withdraw international troops from Afghanistan and the Taliban’s commitment not to allow armed groups not to be active in its territory. 
The Taliban also said the talks had progressed, but a spokesman added talks on “outstanding issues” would continue.
The Taliban have so far refused to hold direct talks with Afghan officials, whom the Taliban call “puppets”. The Taliban have said they will not start talks with the government until a firm date has been set for a US troop withdrawal. 
Mullah Pradar, a deputy to Taliban leader Mullah Hibatollah Akhunzadeh, took over the Taliban’s political office in Qatar in January but has so far remained in Pakistan and has not appeared at any meeting or public meeting. 
Mullah Pradar held a number of key positions in the Taliban until he was held by the Pakistani authorities in 2010. 
The Taliban’s strength and influence have grown since the departure of foreign combat troops in Afghanistan in 2014. 
Last month, Afghan President Ashraf Ghani said that more than 4,500 security forces The country has been killed since taking office in 2014.
The number of residents in Taliban-controlled areas or areas with clear military representation and regular attacks is estimated at 15 million, half the population of Afghanistan. 
On Sunday, UN data showed that more civilians died in Afghanistan last year than in any other year. 
In December, reports indicated that the United States planned to withdraw troops of 7,000 troops, accounting for half of the US forces in Afghanistan.

Abdul Mahdi: We are keen to provide the dues of the peasants without any delay


Editorial date: 2019/2/25 21:48 
“The development of the agricultural sector is a priority in our vision to achieve prosperity and stability and provide employment opportunities, which is the basis on which it is built in many solutions, including the rights of agricultural engineers,” Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi said.
A statement of his office received the agency {Euphrates News} a copy of it that Abdul Mahdi, “received the delegation of the Engineers Syndicate in the presence of Agriculture Minister Saleh al-Hassani and Deputy Chairman of Agricultural Engineers Sadeq Jafar al-Mahmoudawi.” 
The Prime Minister added that “we are keen to provide the necessary funds and allocations for the agricultural plan and the benefits of farmers without delay. We appreciate the great role of the union and other unions and organizations in demanding the legitimate rights of its members. 
He also reviewed the agricultural engineers’ demands paper and promised to meet all possible and quick response, and to consider the amendment of the laws in favor of the agricultural sector, and thus the agricultural engineers, in addition to the provision of agricultural and residential land and the release of loans and their stabilization. On its implementation “

Saleh’s policy : Iraq will not settle before this date .. Makron: happy to keep US troops


Saleh: Iraq will not settle before this date .. Makron: happy to keep US troops
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 2 hours ago

French President Emmanuel Macaron said Monday he was happy to keep US troops in Syria, while stressing the need to protect the Iraqi state.

“We are happy with the decision to keep US troops in Syria,” McCron said at a news conference with Iraqi President Barham Salih. “We have to protect the Iraqi state now.”

For his part, Saleh said that “our victory over the need to devote to increasing the security and economic momentum,” adding that “we need to work with our partners to dry the resources of terrorism.”

He added that “we must proceed to security in the region and this can only be achieved by the return of Iraq,” stressing that “Iraq will not know stability at least four decades, but we are determined to return.”

The Central Bank explains the validity of the dollar entry to Iraq from Libya

The Central Bank explains the validity of the dollar entry to Iraq from Libya
Editorial date: 2019/2/25 19:58 
{Baghdad: Al Furat News} The Central Bank of Iraq, the health of the media and social networking news of the entry of the US dollar from Libya.
A statement by the bank received the agency {Euphrates News} a copy of it, “the procedures for verification of the absence of this currency has been the exchange of information with the relevant agencies in Iraq and abroad.” 
The bank warned of “fraud and fraud may be practiced by some in this area and confirms its continuation to take control and audit procedures in the circulation of foreign currency in accordance with the instructions in force to ensure the safety of foreign currency circulation.” 
He also called on “all media to be careful in dealing with the news of the inaccurate news of the negative effects on the stability of the financial system and banking in Iraq.”