Vala unique “extraordinary” from the Democratic Party as the President of the Parliament of Kurdistan

Valla Fred is the "special" for the Democratic Party as the President of the Kurdistan Parliament
 Twilight News    
 2 hours ago

“The parliament of the Kurdistan region Vla Fred from the Democratic Party was elected as its president.” 
Farid received 62 votes out of 111 members in a session that was boycotted by the National Union because of its requirement to address issues of power and position sharing in the region and the federal government, Kirkuk province, and the appointment of a new governor, as a package before the signing of the draft bilateral agreement with the Democratic Party, which was developed by a joint committee of the leadership of the two parties, on the fifth of this month 
For the first time a woman was elected to the Kurdistan Region Parliament during its previous sessions, In 1992 , In an “extraordinary” move, and 
competed with Valla Farid, the candidate of the new generation block, Siban Salem, who obtained 8 votes, while the process produced three white votes.
The head of the Democratic bloc in the Parliament of Kurdistan, Horman Hawrami, during the session that the mass submitted temporarily candidate Fala Farid for the post, and in the case of agreement with the Union to the agreement will be withdrawn candidate, and the election of a candidate for the Union, which according to agreement the position of his share. 
The Democratic announced the submission of Hainam Hawrami for the post of deputy speaker of parliament, while the Turkmen blocs submitted Mona Kahwaji for the second deputy. 
And dissolved the Democratic Party in the first place in the provincial parliament elections, which took place on the thirtieth of September last, achieving 45 seats out of the seats of the House of Representatives, which is 111, what he authorized to maintain the posts of the President of the Territory and the Prime Minister, to be assigned to the National Union, which dissolved Second with 21 seats, the post of speaker of the Parliament of the Territory.


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