Union of Arab Banks organizes a forum for heads of risk departments in banks


Economy News Baghdad

The Union of Arab Banks is organizing a forum for heads of risk departments in Arab banks under the title «The Road to Basel 4» during the period from 30/3 to 1/4/2019 in Alexandria with the participation of more than 250 risk managers in Arab banks.

The forum will be held under the auspices of the Governor of the Central Bank of Egypt, Tariq Amer, in cooperation with the Central Bank of Egypt and the Union of Banks of Egypt. 

“The forum of heads of risk departments in Arab banks is a platform to keep up with the aspirations and directions of many international organizations and the supervisory and supervisory authorities concerned,” said Wissam Fattouh, Secretary General of the Union of Arab Banks. (BCBS), especially after it issued in December 2017 the final paper, which contains a set of amendments to the standard approaches to measuring and managing credit risk and operational risk, which is the final revision of Basel III, which paves the way for The path of what is expected to be called Basel IV. “

He explained that “these revisions and adjustments are in the direction of correcting the path that was adopted in the standard approaches to the management and measurement of credit and operating risks and the reasons behind these amendments, and to reduce the gap between the standard curriculum and internal approaches, in addition to the end of the Basel Committee of the final amendments to the methods of calculating market risk In January 2019. These amendments are expected to come into force by 1 January 2022. “

“The Forum highlights these amendments, policies and procedures for risk measurement and follow-up, identifying the banks’ basic requirements for processing, as well as measuring the adequacy of capital and information systems and the availability of human resources and appropriate expertise for these adjustments, And the increasing awareness among the banking, financial and corporate sectors in the Arab world about the importance of adopting and applying the latest internationally recognized risk management techniques and methods. “

“The forum aims at explaining and discussing the new reforms of the Basel Committee aimed at amending the standard approach to credit and operating risks and the reasons behind these proposals, and clarifying the main challenges facing Arab banks in implementing IFRS 9, which came into force last year and how to deal with them. , Highlighting the recovery plans and capital planning in accordance with the requirements of Basel III, and the final adjustments to market risks. “
The Forum addresses a number of themes and topics, including: The road to Basel 4: A comprehensive overview of the final post-crisis adjustments and their objectives, the role of central banks in the implementation of the proposed amendments and the strategies of banks 2022 and the fundamental amendments and preventive measures in the standard methodology for measuring credit risk and analyzing the fundamental changes in the credit risk measurement methodology According to the internal classification and components of credit risk and the impact of international standards IFRS 9 on the regulatory capital and final amendments in the methods of calculating market risk and the new methodology for calculating the capital requirements to meet theOperational risk and the new approach to calculating leverage ratio and dealing with banks of systemic importance and the expected effects on banks from applying modifications and application scenarios.


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