Signs of a breakthrough in the formation of the government through the opening and …

Political scene Saturday, February 16 2019 at 10:52 am (Views 117)

Baghdad / Sky Press

Political sources revealed that the Fatah al-Fath al-Fath, and others, discussed during their recent meetings the names of alternative candidates for Faleh al-Fayadh for the interior portfolio. As the deputy of the last two of the consultations of forming the government may restore the sectarian alignment, the PUK announced the decision of the Ministry of Justice for its benefit.

The sources quoted political sources yesterday as saying that al-Fath and Sultoun, during their meetings, were talking about two names for candidates to take over the portfolio of the Interior Ministry in the government of Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi instead of the current national security adviser Faleh al-Fayadh. She revealed that the first name is the leader of the Badr Organization, Tahsin Abdul Matar al-Aboudi, aka Abu Montazer al-Husseini, and the former director of nationality, Major General Yasin Taher al-Yasiri.

Earlier, MP Mohammed Karim Abdul-Hussein, the opening statements in the signs of the release of the crisis to complete the composition of the government of Abdul-Mahdi.

He pointed out that there is a strong search for a new meeting expected between the allies of Fatah and others. He reported on the formation of joint committees between the two alliances to discuss a new mechanism to resolve the internal portfolio. He expected that the coming days will see a meeting between the two alliances to put new names instead of Fayadh.

He warned the deputy from Anbar province Yahya Mohammadi, the re-alignment of political sectarian during the meetings currently underway between some blocks. He explained that all the blocks have seen withdrawals during the past few days. He stressed that all political alliances fragile, and the movement of conquest and others do not include the national axis, and we are afraid of the failure of the project cross-sectarian alliances. He added that the axis is still within the construction coalition, and did not decide or plan any withdrawal at the moment.

There were reports of a delegation from the Political Bureau of the Kurdistan Democratic Party in the province of Sulaymaniyah yesterday, to hold a meeting with members of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, to discuss the formation of the new government in the region and the draft political agreement between them.

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