Planning launches a national initiative to invest in promising Iraqi inventions

Release Date: 2019/2/10 20:22

{Baghdad: Al Furat News} The Iraqi Ministry of Planning has launched a national initiative to invest in promising Iraqi inventions.

A statement issued by the ministry received a copy of it today, “The Iraqi patents promising, and investment in the public and private sectors, in the pursuit of His Excellency to achieve the vision of the Ministry of Development and Sustainable Development of Iraq” 2030.

“A committee of the Ministry of Planning has been formed to follow up the registered Iraqi patents, to assist inventors in registering what is not registered to ensure their rights, and to see what can be invested from these inventions after addressing the relevant government agencies and private sector entities, .

The statement stressed the importance of unifying the efforts concerned to follow up and sponsor the innovators, and provide all means to develop them, and adopt their projects and invest the most effective ones, to serve Iraq, and develop the national product.

He called on “to communicate with the Iraqi expatriate competencies, to invite them to return to Iraq, to contribute to its construction, and to build a new generation of competencies, stressing the importance of promoting memorandums of understanding to develop local Iraqi expertise.”

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