Nuri al-Maliki is hiding in the position of vice president of accountability for corruption and the fall of Mosul

The departure of former Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki from power and a decline in the weight of his parliamentary bloc do not necessarily mean losing his full power. He is still at least able to provide immunity against accountability for the outcome of his disastrous reign, which Iraq does not seem to get rid of its consequences in the long term.

BAGHDAD (Reuters) – Former Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, a leader of a coalition of state law, is close to holding a position in the May elections in compensation for his bloc from a cabinet seat promised in Adel Abdul Mahdi’s cabin.

“Al-Arabi” learned from informed political sources in Baghdad, that “Maliki is about to renew his term as Vice President of the Republic,” despite the great controversy raised by the presence of this post mainly, almost without any powers.

The sources said that “the granting of al-Maliki as vice president comes satisfaction to the coalition of the rule of law, which leads after receiving a promise to obtain a ministry in the government of Abdul-Mahdi, but this was not achieved, because of the conditions of the negotiations.”

According to the sources, the development of this kind will open the door wide to the repetition of the draft “three deputies” to the President of the Republic, a formula imposed by sectarian quotas on the Iraqi political situation, and the existence of three Vice-President of the Republic, representing the main parties in the Iraqi spectrum.

In the event that Maliki received this position, will be open to the leader of the movement of solution Gamal Karbouli to occupy the post of Vice-President of the Republic, while may be available to the Turkmen component to get the position of the third deputy, represented by rational.

Maliki is no longer a difficult figure in the political process, yet there are those who still fear his machinations and conspiracies and try to appease him

Thus, the image of the national sectarian representation in the presidency will be completed. President Barham Salih Kurdi, Maliki is Shiite and Karbali Sunni, while the leader of the Turkmen Front, Arshad Salhi, appears to be the most prominent candidate for the Turkmen component.

The Iraqi constitution is almost devoid of any effective powers for the President of the Republic, which raises controversy about the naming of three deputies, who have no constitutional duties or executive functions.

Iraqi President Barham Saleh is trying to give his post more momentum than the constitutional frameworks, while observers say the Iraqi president is competing with the foreign minister in the government of Abdul Mahdi for his duties.

Sources said “Arabs” that “Karbouli and Salihi see the political weight that Maliki has in the Iraqi scene, relying on the support of a large Iranian, may repeat his presence in the post of Vice President four more years.

As such, Karbouli does not appear in the scene of the claim for a personal position, while Salhi al-Salhi claims his position, the “oppressor Turkmen component,” the fourth largest component of Iraq, and the lowest presence in executive positions.

The sources said that “the presence of al-Maliki in the post of Vice-President, a guarantee to protect him from any attempts to liquidate any political plan of any party.”

The Iraqi street sees Maliki as the ultimate goal of any crackdown on corrupt people involved in the waste of public money, but his political immunity, provided by the close relationship with Tehran, hinders action against him.

Observers believe that hints made by former Prime Minister Haider Abadi, the need to hit large whales, headed by Maliki, was the most prominent reasons for blocking the way for a second term in office.

An Iraqi politician, who asked not to be identified, said Maliki was no longer that difficult figure, which can not be overcome if it comes to the political process, yet there are those who still fear his machinations and conspiracies and try to appease him, even if appeased by his corner aside as Vice President The republic has no constitutional value, but it offers exceptional privileges, including protection from any legal accountability it may face because of the disastrous policies it adopted during its 2006-2014 term.

“Because Maliki considers himself the godfather of the political process, the maker of governments and the builder of a new Iraq, he managed to surround himself with a halo that no one else has. And as is known to all, it did not reach that position only through the waste of free and random public money, which made him able to attract many of the baptists who praise his praise and call him titles that suggest his sectarian dominance such as the title of the chosen age.

The Iraqi politician, “If Maliki has reached the stage of despair of his return to power, it did not stand between him and the continuation of the management of the secret state, which is a complex network of interests run by his corrupt followers within the public state, and have always been able to To disrupt and thwart any attempt at reform by aborting any idea that calls for such a direction. “

“The fear of Maliki, known for his stupidity, malice and suspicious relations may equate Maliki’s fear of the desire of others to oppress him and get rid of it and create a balance that Maliki could benefit from in pushing others not to anger or harm his interests. As it seems, Maliki’s policy depends on the ability of the ghost of the wolf to spread fear in the hearts of others even after the disappearance of the wolf. No one dares to name al-Maliki corrupt, despite the existence of many files that condemn him. “

Although Maliki lost nearly two-thirds of the parliamentary seats he held in the May elections, he still enjoys Iranian protection and support.

The Shiite political community believes that the leader of a coalition of state law, a red line of Iran, no one will dare to undermine it in the foreseeable future, despite the accusations of corruption that surrounds him, especially during his second term as prime minister between 2010 and 2014, and hold him responsible for the fall of Mosul and Followed by two-thirds of Iraq’s territory in the hands of elements of a preacher, after the collapse of the security establishment during the last year of Maliki’s second term for reasons directly related to the manner of his administration of various state institutions and the great corruption that leaked to them.

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