Economy Publishing the financial budget of Iraq in the official reality


 Twilight News    
 37 minutes ago

The Ministry of Justice announced on Monday the issuance of the new issue of the Iraqi fact sheet No. (4529) of the Federal Budget Law No. 1 of 2019, which was approved by the House of Representatives and approved by the President of the Republic.

The Director General of the Iraqi Facts Department Kamel Amin Hashim said in a statement today that the budget law included the transfer of money from some ministries to the liberated provinces and the province of Basra and detailed sentences in terms of spending, investment and loans. The law included the request of the Council of Ministers to install contractors and lecturers in all state institutions only Including employees of self-financed contracts at the Ministry of Electricity, as well as continuing to grant staff five-year leave and the introduction of grades for the popular mobilization and tribal mobilization.

 He added that the number also included the law banning the importation of food products, as well as agricultural products that have a similar local product, according to the agricultural calendar.

The Iraqi fact sheet included the details of the budget and its adjustments for the current year 2019.

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