Abdul Mahdi directs the publication of the text of the government program to be a binding document before the people

07:23 – 07/02/2019

BAGHDAD – Mawazine News 
Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi on Thursday, published the text of the government program (2019 – 2022) to be binding document before the people. 
“The government has completed its program (2019-2022), which represents a roadmap for its work and a binding document binding on the members of the government before the people and the House of Representatives,” a statement from the office of Abdulmahdi said. 
“This requires cooperation between the three authorities to implement it, and the government has promised to complete it within 100 days of the beginning of the government’s term, and to turn this program into a detailed ministerial platform.” 
He pointed out that he “participated in the preparation of a ministerial working group and the competent authorities and in implementation of the guidance of Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, we publish the text of the government program.”



Barzani arrives in Baghdad and meets with Adel Abdul – Mahdi

Twilight News

one hour ago

A political source said on Thursday that a meeting between Kurdistan Regional Government President Nechirvan Barzani and Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi was held.

The source told the twilight news that the President of the Kurdistan Regional Government, Najirvan Barzani, held a meeting with Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi in the federal capital Baghdad.

The source said that the two parties are scheduled to discuss a number of issues related to political and economic affairs in Iraq and Kurdistan, including the issue of completing the cabinet of Adel Abdul Mahdi.

The Kurdistan Region has announced on more than one occasion, its support for the government of Adel Abdul Mahdi, and the need to resolve the outstanding issues between Baghdad and Erbil by reference to the Constitution.



Pompeo: The need to support Iraq and respect for its sovereignty and constitution by all

Editorial Date: 2019/2/7 15:35

(Baghdad: Al-Furat News) US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo stressed the need to support Iraq and respect for its sovereignty and constitution by all.

“Foreign Minister Mohammed Ali al-Hakim met with his American counterpart Mike Pompeo on the sidelines of the ministerial meeting of the International Coalition for a provocative defeat held in Washington, DC,” a foreign ministry statement said.

“The two sides discussed the importance of further strengthening bilateral relations at all levels. They also exchanged views on the latest developments in the region and the importance of intensifying consultations on regional issues and challenges to their stability,” he added.

The minister expressed his hope that “Baghdad aspires to support and strengthen bilateral relations between Baghdad and Washington, reflecting its strategy,” stressing the need to cooperate to achieve the common interests of the two friendly peoples.