Kebad Talabani arrives in Baghdad to participate in the forum of Iraqi leaders

Twilight News

42 minutes ago

News Agency / arrived in Baghdad, Sunday evening, Vice President of the Kurdistan Regional Government Kibad Talabani, in a two-day visit to participate in the forum of Iraqi leaders on Monday.

Talabani’s visit comes at the invitation of the Rafidain Center for Dialogue in order to participate in a forum of the same name, which is organized in Baghdad for the first time with the participation of Iraqi presidencies and representatives of many countries and a number of ministers and deputies and political and intellectual elites and local and foreign academia.

During the meeting, a special meeting will be held with Talabani on hot issues on the political and economic fronts in Iraq and the region.

Talabani will also meet with many prominent Iraqi and Pakistani officials and foreign representatives and will present his vision and the regional government on the issues of reform, economy, energy sector, the future of Iraq and the problems of the region.


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