Expert: Abdul-Mahdi economic veteran and the establishment of the industrial city exit from the rent economy

Editorial date: 2019/2/2 21:07 • 61 times read
(Baghdad: Al-Furat News) Economic expert Saleh al-Hammash, the establishment of the industrial city in Iraq, the exit from the economy of rent to the market economy.
Al-Hamash told the Euphrates News that “Iraq needs many economic agreements to extract it from its economic crisis,” noting that “Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi has a purely economic background, a veteran economist and focused all his efforts according to his government program to revive the Iraqi economy.” 
He added that “the construction of an industrial city on an area of ​​24 km 2 will be a new experience for Iraq on the establishment of industrial cities within the Iraqi cities, which will provide capital and business and employment opportunities and provide commercial and industrial services and increase experience and invest the workforce.
Hamash said that “Jordan seeks to raise trade exchange from 600 million dollars to two billion, which will create a trade movement between the two countries,” noting that “the total agreements and projects if the government could not achieve them will come the government after which to accomplish them, What is important is that he laid a cornerstone as a first step to building a good economic infrastructure for Iraq. ” 
He added that “Baghdad is a center for trade, but after this agreement will revive the economy significantly, and perhaps the most beneficiary is Anbar province as it will be the main strategic and international way to transport goods and goods, which will provide jobs for maintenance of trucks and refueling. 
“Industrialization will be the first step out of the rent economy to a market economy,” he concluded

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