A joint statement between Abdul Mahdi and Razaz details the terms of the agreement between Jordan and Iraq

Joint statement between Abdul Mahdi and Razaz details the terms of the agreement between Jordan and Iraq
 Twilight News    
 58 minutes ago

A joint statement issued by the Iraqi and Jordanian governments announced the start of the mechanism of transport of goods, goods and petroleum products between the two countries as of Saturday.

A meeting between Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi and his Jordanian counterpart Omar al-Razaz at the Tarbil border crossing resulted in the following agreement:

Approval to grant preference to Iraqi agricultural goods to enter Jordan in short seasons.

Forming a technical committee to provide final consensual solutions for outstanding financial files between the two countries.

To instruct the ministers of industry in both countries to hold monthly meetings to follow up on joint decisions and understandings.

Agreement to overcome all obstacles in the field of medical tourism.

Jordan is obliged to train Iraqi medical personnel and facilitate their access to the Jordanian board.

Accrediting entities to facilitate the travel of Iraqi businessmen to Jordan

Agreement to strengthen cooperation in the area of ​​reliability to ensure the quality of health services.

Jordan agrees to train Iraqi cadres in the areas of optimal water use.

Iraq agrees to lease a site dedicated to the establishment of permanent Jordanian exhibition in the land of Baghdad International Fair.

Jordan allocates 2,000 dunums for the purpose of establishing a joint industrial zone with Iraq.

Jordan approves coordinates of joint industrial zone with Iraq.

Agreement on procedures for the establishment of a joint Jordanian-Iraqi industrial zone.

Iraq agrees to exempt Jordanian goods from customs duties.

Jordan exempts Iraqi goods imported through the port of Aqaba from 75% of the fees.

The signing of a commercial agreement between Royal Jordanian and Iraqi Airways in the area of ​​the common code.

Iraq agrees to supply Jordan with 10 thousand barrels of oil per day of Kirkuk oil.

Initiate studies necessary for the construction of the oil pipeline running from Basra to the port of Aqaba.

Approval to provide the Iraqi side with electricity.

Consensus to settle outstanding issues and amounts required by each party.

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