Expert: Abdul-Mahdi economic veteran and the establishment of the industrial city exit from the rent economy

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(Baghdad: Al-Furat News) Economic expert Saleh al-Hammash, the establishment of the industrial city in Iraq, the exit from the economy of rent to the market economy.
Al-Hamash told the Euphrates News that “Iraq needs many economic agreements to extract it from its economic crisis,” noting that “Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi has a purely economic background, a veteran economist and focused all his efforts according to his government program to revive the Iraqi economy.” 
He added that “the construction of an industrial city on an area of ​​24 km 2 will be a new experience for Iraq on the establishment of industrial cities within the Iraqi cities, which will provide capital and business and employment opportunities and provide commercial and industrial services and increase experience and invest the workforce.
Hamash said that “Jordan seeks to raise trade exchange from 600 million dollars to two billion, which will create a trade movement between the two countries,” noting that “the total agreements and projects if the government could not achieve them will come the government after which to accomplish them, What is important is that he laid a cornerstone as a first step to building a good economic infrastructure for Iraq. ” 
He added that “Baghdad is a center for trade, but after this agreement will revive the economy significantly, and perhaps the most beneficiary is Anbar province as it will be the main strategic and international way to transport goods and goods, which will provide jobs for maintenance of trucks and refueling. 
“Industrialization will be the first step out of the rent economy to a market economy,” he concluded


The House of Representatives sends the Budget Law to the Presidency for approval

06:21 – 02/02/2019

Special – Mawazin News 
revealed a parliamentary source, on Saturday, the sending of a draft budget for the current year to the Presidency of the Republic for approval. 
The source said in an interview with / Mawazin News / “The President of the House of Representatives and immediately after his return from his visit to Britain signed a draft budget law and sent to the Presidency of the Republic for approval.” 
“It is expected that the President of the Republic will ratify the law during the current week in preparation for publication in the Official Gazette to be considered a window,” he added. 
The House voted on 24/1/2019 on the budget bill for the current year, while the Security Committee pointed out that the visit of the Speaker of the House of Representatives Mohammed Halbusi to Britain led to delay to send to the Presidency of the Republic for approval.

National Kurdistan: share of the region in the budget insured and Baghdad will send the salaries of the Peshmerga monthly

03:32 – 02/02/2019

BAGHDAD – Mawazin News 
MP of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan Shirvan Mirza, Saturday, that the share of the region is insured in the budget law, and includes allocations for salaries of employees of the Kurdistan region and the Ministry of Peshmerga. 
Mirza said in a statement to convey the flags of his party and his / Mawazin News / “The share of the Kurdistan region in the budget law nearly 11 billion Iraqi dinars, and includes allocations for salaries of employees of the Kurdistan region and the Ministry of Peshmerga.” 
He added that “the budget law sets the salaries of employees of the Kurdistan region at about 5 trillion and 448 billion dinars annually, at 454 billion dinars a month.” 
He pointed out that “the number of employees in the Kurdistan region in the budget is 682021 employees, adding that the budget allocated 816 billion dinars for the salaries of the Peshmerga forces, at 68 billion dinars a month.”
He added that “under the budget law, Baghdad will send monthly 522 billion dinars, as salaries to staff and Peshmerga forces, noting that Article 10 / II, in the law obliges the federal government to pay dues in the Kurdistan region and in the event of non-delivery of the region 250 thousand barrels of oil to Baghdad, , The federal government will deduct the damage. ” 
He explained that “the deduction will not include salaries of employees, stressing that Baghdad will send 522 billion dinars even if the province did not deliver oil to it, indicating that in the event of non-delivery of oil will cut the federal government all the dues of the region except salaries of staff and peshmerga.”

A joint statement between Abdul Mahdi and Razaz details the terms of the agreement between Jordan and Iraq

Joint statement between Abdul Mahdi and Razaz details the terms of the agreement between Jordan and Iraq
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A joint statement issued by the Iraqi and Jordanian governments announced the start of the mechanism of transport of goods, goods and petroleum products between the two countries as of Saturday.

A meeting between Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi and his Jordanian counterpart Omar al-Razaz at the Tarbil border crossing resulted in the following agreement:

Approval to grant preference to Iraqi agricultural goods to enter Jordan in short seasons.

Forming a technical committee to provide final consensual solutions for outstanding financial files between the two countries.

To instruct the ministers of industry in both countries to hold monthly meetings to follow up on joint decisions and understandings.

Agreement to overcome all obstacles in the field of medical tourism.

Jordan is obliged to train Iraqi medical personnel and facilitate their access to the Jordanian board.

Accrediting entities to facilitate the travel of Iraqi businessmen to Jordan

Agreement to strengthen cooperation in the area of ​​reliability to ensure the quality of health services.

Jordan agrees to train Iraqi cadres in the areas of optimal water use.

Iraq agrees to lease a site dedicated to the establishment of permanent Jordanian exhibition in the land of Baghdad International Fair.

Jordan allocates 2,000 dunums for the purpose of establishing a joint industrial zone with Iraq.

Jordan approves coordinates of joint industrial zone with Iraq.

Agreement on procedures for the establishment of a joint Jordanian-Iraqi industrial zone.

Iraq agrees to exempt Jordanian goods from customs duties.

Jordan exempts Iraqi goods imported through the port of Aqaba from 75% of the fees.

The signing of a commercial agreement between Royal Jordanian and Iraqi Airways in the area of ​​the common code.

Iraq agrees to supply Jordan with 10 thousand barrels of oil per day of Kirkuk oil.

Initiate studies necessary for the construction of the oil pipeline running from Basra to the port of Aqaba.

Approval to provide the Iraqi side with electricity.

Consensus to settle outstanding issues and amounts required by each party.

US company wins $ 375 million contract for Iraqi F-16

14:12 – 02/02/2019


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The US Air Force’s Lifecycle Administration on Saturday awarded a $ 375 million contract to Silverport Holding to provide basic support and security services to Iraqi F-16 aircraft.

“The company will provide emergency support to support people and companies operating in Iraq and operations also include the protection, maintenance, training, procurement and logistics services of F-16 Iraqi Falcon aircraft,” Defense Industries Daily, the US military industry website, said in a news release.

“The contract is due to be executed at Balad Air Base and completed in 2020,” the site added.

The Iraqi Air Force announced last year that it will receive 13 additional F-16 aircraft in 2019, making the fleet of Iraqi fighter aircraft of this type 34 aircraft. ” Ending / 25 z

Prime Minister’s Office: Meeting between Abdul Mahdi and his Jordanian counterpart includes putting the cooperation agreement into effect

Release Date: 2019/2/2 13:29

(Baghdad: Al-Furat News) Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi met today at the Jordanian-Jordanian border, Prime Minister of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan Omar al-Razzaz.

“Abdul Mahdi met at noon today at the Jordanian-Jordanian border joint border with the two high-level delegations to put an agreement on cooperation and exchange of interests between the two countries and the opening of the joint industrial zone, And the implementation of the minutes of the joint agreement signed in Baghdad on 29/12/2018 ”