Lebanon’s economic summit: 27 files on the table, most notably a large free zone

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Baghdad today – follow-up

Lebanon is preparing to host the fourth session of the Arab Economic Development Summit in Beirut on 19 and 20 of January.

The agenda will be distributed to three meetings, in addition to the opening and closing meetings.

The draft agenda of the Summit consists of 27 items covering all the common Arab economic, developmental and social issues. The most important issues that the Summit is expected to consider are:

– Launching a strategic Arab framework for the eradication of multidimensional poverty 2020 and 2030.

– The Platform for Action for the Family in the Arab Region in the Implementation of Sustainable Development Goals 2030

Arab Declaration on Identity and Identity.

– The strategy of establishing a major Arab free trade zone.

Arab Common Electricity Market.

Arab Charter for the Development of Small, Medium and Micro Enterprises.

Arab Strategy for Sustainable Energy.

Arab Food Security.

– Strategic vision to promote and activate joint Arab action between the tourism and cultural sectors.

Solid Waste Management in the Arab World.

– Supporting the Palestinian economy and developing a comprehensive plan for development in Jerusalem “2018-2022”.

– Financing for development, including how to finance development projects and achieve Arab economic integration.

– A comprehensive Arab regional action plan on “Prevention and response against all forms of violence”.

Arab Strategy for Older Persons.

– The Platform for Action for the Family in the Arab Region within the framework of the implementation of the goals of sustainable development 2030.

– Development Agenda for Investment in Childhood in the Arab World 2030, Arab Strategy for the Protection of Children in the Status of Asylum in the Arab Region, and the Arab Decade for Human Rights 2019-2029.

– The 14th Arab Sports Games, 2021.

– The economic and social burdens resulting from the hosting of Syrian refugees and their effects on the host countries.

– The challenges faced by the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) and its implications for the host countries of the Palestinian refugees.

Digital Economy.

– Supporting Arab states in conflict.

– Development in Yemen.

– Support Somalia’s efforts to implement the development plan and exempt the country from its external debt.



Exclusively for Baghdad .. An important announcement for the company to distribute petroleum products

Editorial Date: 2019/1/16 22:01

(Baghdad: Al-Furat News) issued a company distribution of petroleum products, an exclusive declaration to the people of Baghdad.

The company said in a statement received by the agency {Euphrates News} a copy of “the launch of fuel card No. 5 white oil by 50 liters of the card.”

She drew to “keep card number 3”


Abdul Mahdi calls on all political parties to make dialogue and avoid provoking differences


Editorial Date: 2019/1/16 20:45
(Baghdad): Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi on Wednesday called on the political parties to prefer dialogue and avoid provoking differences.
“The Prime Minister, Mr. Adel Abdul Mahdi attended the three presidencies meeting held this afternoon, and expressed satisfaction with the spirit of cooperation and understanding prevailing between the three presidencies and focus on issues that serve the Iraqi people and achieve Aspirations “. 
“We need to continue this positive approach,” he said, calling on all political parties to give priority to the language of dialogue and the highest interests of the country and avoid provoking differences. 
“The Prime Minister presented during the meeting a presentation of the recent visits to Iraq, especially the visit of His Majesty King Abdullah bin Al Hussein and the results that resulted from these visits and appreciation of the pivotal and balanced role played by Iraq in its Arab and regional environment.”
He added that “the three presidencies agreed to speed up the adoption of the general budget and completion of the government cab, and support the efforts of the Prime Minister and the government for the success of the ministerial program.”

Coalition Confirms Loss of US Servicemen in Manbij Explosion


Coalition Confirms Loss of US Servicemen in Manbij Explosion

ERBIL – The US-led International Coalition has confirmed the loss of a number of US servicemen in Wednesday’s car bomb explosion in the Syrian Kurdish city of Manbij.

“U.S. service members were killed during an explosion while conducting a routine patrol in Syria today. We are still gathering information and will share additional details at a later time,” Army Colonel Sean Ryan, a spokesperson for the US-led coalition, wrote on Twitter.

However, the official did not specifically mention how many US personnel were killed in the incident, while Hawar News Agency (ANHA) reported that four US soldiers were at a nearby restaurant at the time the blast took place.

At least six civilians were killed, while 19 others were injured in the attack which was carried out in central Manbij.

Soon after the incident, the Islamic State (IS) claimed responsibility for the offensive.


URGENT A meeting of the three presidencies and Saleh confirms the speedy adoption of the budget and the required amendments


Editorial Date: 2019/1/16 19:15 
(Baghdad: Al Furat News) A meeting of the three presidencies took place at the Peace Palace in Baghdad on Wednesday, which included President Barham Salih, Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi and Speaker of the House of Representatives Mohamed Halboussi.
The meeting, according to a presidential statement received by the agency {Euphrates News} copy of it, “views on political and security issues and the convergence of visions and understandings between political parties, and the need to keep the street away from tensions and crises between political parties and the adoption of the language of dialogue and avoid escalation media. 
He pointed to “the agreement between the three presidencies to expedite the adoption of the general budget in accordance with the amendments required to strengthen the work of state institutions in providing the necessary services for citizens.” 
The participants also stressed the importance of exerting efforts and promoting joint action for the success of the government program through supporting the Prime Minister in his duties, and follow-up the file of vacant ministries to complete the formation of the ministerial cabin, stressing commitment to constitutional entitlements for the next stage.
The meeting reviewed the results of King Abdullah’s visit and high-level delegations from several countries to Iraq, stressing Iraq’s pivotal role in establishing peace and stability in the region, as well as the openness policy adopted in its relations with brotherly and friendly countries based on respect for national sovereignty and mutual interests. 
They also discussed the latest developments and developments on the Arab and regional arenas

Britain announces a development strategy to help Iraq achieve economic reform

Release date: 2019/1/16 18:07
The British ambassador to Iraq, John Wilkes, announced his country’s development strategy to help Iraq achieve economic reform.
“The Minister of Planning Nuri Sabah al-Dulaimi received in the office of the ministry on Wednesday, the British ambassador in Iraq, John Wilkes, and the delegation accompanying him. During the meeting, they discussed joint relations and means of developing them to serve Interests of the two countries “. 
He added that “the Minister of Planning explained during the meeting the magnitude of the challenges faced by the government executive agencies, especially in the areas of economy and investment, while pointing to the need to support the efforts of the Iraqi government in the reconstruction and achieve stability in the liberated areas.” 
The statement added that “Dulaimi made a presentation on Iraq’s vision for sustainable development for the year 2030, and the difficulties facing the achievement of its objectives, while Dulaimi valued the great support the United Kingdom gave Iraq during the battles of liberation, and its efforts to achieve stability and the return of displaced people.”
For his part, praised the British ambassador, according to the statement, “Iraq’s vision for sustainable development for 2030, declaring his country’s development strategy to help the Iraqi government to achieve economic reform, stressing not to spare any effort to serve Iraq.” is over

The European Union intends to sign two agreements with Iraq


Ambassador of the European Union to Iraq, Ramon Belkwa

Economy News Baghdad
confirmed the European Union ‘s ambassador to Iraq, Ramon Blicua, that the Union had an important role in the Kuwait conference donated 400 billion euros for the reconstruction of the liberated areas, pointing to the existence of two agreements will be signing between Iraq and the Union.
In an interview with the Iraqi Economic and Political Center, Blikwa said in an interview with the Iraqi Economic Center that the financial grants granted by the Union to Iraq go to important projects, which are often in the context of reconstruction.
He added that the European Union has signed several agreements related to the management of public finances, noting that “the last agreement signed with Iraq was in December and two agreements will be signed in the near future, the first will focus on the reconstruction of Mosul and the second to find employment opportunities for residents of the plain Nineveh”.
He added that “Iraq does not owe to the European Union any amount and the Union is keen that the grant to Iraq be a grant so as not to overload the economy does not affect,” noting that “companies operating in Iraq, in the fields of oil, gas, energy and trade, belonging to European countries and not To the European Union and the latter works with Iraq within the framework of the agreement of cooperation and partnership. ”
The ambassador of the European Union that “the obstacles facing the work of companies are the same facing the work of the private sector in Iraq or any foreign company wants to work because the economic policy is a central policy of the private sector faces many difficulties as well as corruption and mismanagement of financial management And public resources, and yet we see a significant improvement and there is a desire for reform, especially in the new government. ”
With regard to the EU’s position on the recovery of those accused of corruption in Iraq, Blakwa stressed the existence of cooperation by the Union in this matter, but must be preceded by “an international request submitted by the Iraqi government,” noting that the EU’s 2019 plan puts in priority ” To develop the partnership between Iraq and the European Union and strengthen this cooperation, especially in areas already worked on, such as reforming the security situation, providing services, supporting governance and managing public finances. ”
“Financial and monetary reform needs several things, including the existence of an effective financial market. This is based on two aspects: the first is public financial management and the second is to create clear rules, rules and laws for the private sector and foreign companies. There are many things that are not clear in the laws of these companies, “The government is working to join the New York Treaty, which works in this context,” he said.