Presidency of Parliament: The coming period will witness the holding of conferences and the presence of large Arab and international delegations to Baghdad

Date of release: 2019/1/31 10:37

(Baghdad: Al-Furat News), Hassan al-Kaabi, First Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, the second deliberative meeting at the headquarters of the Secretariat of Baghdad, to discuss the most important service problems plaguing the capital, and the possibility of finding solutions to them as soon as possible.

The meeting was attended by a number of deputies from the Baghdad bloc of deputies, and the memory of Allouche Amina Baghdad, and the Deputy Municipal Affairs Karim al-Bekhati and general managers in the Secretariat.

The meeting discussed a number of issues related to the budget of the Municipality of the capital and the problems plaguing the capital Baghdad, especially the service, including municipal services, water and sewerage networks, road maintenance and rehabilitation of areas that have recently seen the lifting of the concrete barriers, as well as the acute shortage of mechanisms that reflected negatively on the service reality .

Al-Kaabi said that “everyone should pay greater attention to Baghdad as the political and commercial capital of Iraq, not to mention its historical and cultural significance.” He added that the upcoming period will witness conferences and large Arab and international delegations. requires preparation for more services. ”

He stressed that” the 2019 budget included adding a large end allocations , including the completion of large projects that have been initiated during the past years and stopped because of the allocation stopped, and its implementation will reflect positively on securing better Baghdadis service, especially to reduce congestion T severe taking place in the capital ‘s entrances and internal roads. ”

For its part reviewed Alloush Chambers of service and municipal plans and directed the Secretariat in the waste management sector file and the problems of slums and construction in farmland and the mechanism of coverage of services and provided a detailed explanation about the preparations for its departments to drain rain water continued in this regard and preparations and also address The water shortage during the summer

The MPs praised the great efforts of the Secretariat, especially the great efforts that have been in the past few days in the withdrawal and drainage of rain water that hit our beloved capital during the current winter season.

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