Kurdistan World Bank declares its readiness to finance projects in the Kurdistan Region


The World Bank announces its readiness to finance projects in the Kurdistan Region
 Twilight News    
 5 hours ago

Shafaq News / through the World Bank on Wednesday about its willingness to finance new projects in the private sector in the Kurdistan Region.

The Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Region, Nigervan Barzani this evening, a delegation from the World Bank and the International Finance Corporation IFC, chaired by Marza Hassan, Executive Director and Dean of the World Bank Association.

A statement issued by the government of the region that the coordinator of the International Finance Corporation IFC talked about support for the Kurdistan Regional Government and its strategic projects, which are funded by some of the institution and implemented by the private sector, and expressed willingness to fund other projects for the private sector in the future in order to revive the infrastructure.

The Coordinator stressed the importance of the private sector in the development of the economy and support the Kurdistan Regional Government for the private sector, and expressed support for the policy of the territorial government.

The statement quoted Barzani as saying that “the Kurdistan Regional Government believes in the framework of its economic policy that the private sector should be a recognized role and that this sector is able to be the engine of a strong economy.”

The statement added that “the Kurdistan Regional Government offers all facilities to the private sector in this area, and seeks to continue reforms in order to improve the performance of government and living conditions of citizens and the introduction of foreign investment to the Kurdistan Region.”


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