high delegation to visit Baghdad


A high-ranking Kurdish delegation is visiting Baghdad
 Twilight News    
 6 hours ago

The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) spokesman Sven Dzeyi said Wednesday that there was an exchange of delegations between Baghdad and Erbil, stressing the visit of a Kurdish delegation to Baghdad to discuss customs last week. A senior delegation from the region will visit Baghdad next week.

On the budget law, Dzi said during a press conference, that after the approval of the Iraqi budget by the General Council of Representatives, the Federal Ministry of Finance issued a number of instructions.

He said the region welcomed the move, although the law probably does not include all the demands of the region, but it is somewhat hopeful, expressing hope that a decision will be made to serve the interests of the people according to the instructions.

And on the economic conditions of the Kurdistan Region, Dzi said he is repeating what he said that the region has passed four difficult years, and the provincial government last year to reconsider the system of savings, was paid dues contractors and a movement took place in the market, indicating that all this gave hope and at the same time Strengthens the confidence of the international community for the stability of the situation in the Kurdistan Region.

On the relations between the region and Baghdad, Dzei said that there is an exchange of delegations’ visits and last week saw the visit of a delegation from Baghdad to the region, revealing that a high delegation from the region will visit Baghdad next week.


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