The wise minister at the Beirut summit: Iraq has become a meeting point and its doors are open to cooperation

Release date: 2019/1/20 18:11

(Baghdad: Al-Furat News) Foreign Minister Mohammed Ali al-Hakim said that Iraq today has become a point of convergence, and its doors are open to cooperation.

“Today Iraq is a point of convergence and its doors are open to cooperation and Arab integration in all its forms and will play a pivotal role in supporting security and stability in the region,” al-Hakim said in a speech at the Arab Economic and Social Development Summit held for its second day in Beirut. Building a system of common Arab relations based on the exchange of interests away from the axes. ”

He explained that “Iraq’s policy is focused on economic openness, extending the hand of friendship and cooperation to all brotherly and friendly countries, and building a network of economic relations and attracting large foreign investment.”

He called for “the importance of achieving economic integration, the establishment of major joint economic zones, and the transformation of borders between our countries into investment areas.”

He stressed that “work must be done to find effective mechanisms, and applicable in the field of economic cooperation by encouraging joint investment of income-generating projects to eliminate unemployment.”

“The continuation of the economic deterioration in some countries of the region is one of the major challenges to security and stability,” he said, adding that “providing food security to our Arab countries is a key element in promoting joint Arab action to serve the Arab citizens.” is over

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