A few hours before it happened, the bloody moon would appear here

Date of release: 2019/1/20 19:09

{{International: Euphrates News} A few hours amateurs detail the movement of stars and elephants in the United States and Uuba for a unique phenomenon, a total eclipse of the moon, but provided that the sky is clear.

From Los Angeles to New York, the stars’ observers and their faces will take over before the sky, in anticipation of the eclipse known as the giant Bloody Wolf, expected to appear at 04:41 am Monday.

The hour-long eclipse of the North and South Americas, Europe, West, Africa and northern Russia will be visible, with 2.8 billion people following.

Although it is a total eclipse, the moon will not darken completely but will glow with a red copper color that earned it the name of the bloody moon. It is called “giant moon” because it is full and very close to the earth.

Since it appeared in January, when wolves were starving outside the villages, the wolf’s description of the moon was obtained according to the Fermers-Almannak patrol.

But no matter how perfect the stars are to show this dazzling event, the sheer joy or frustration of the evening will really depend on one thing: the weather. If the sky is clear on Sunday night, the total eclipse of the moon can be seen with the naked eye.

Unlike the eclipse of the sun, which requires eye protection for safe viewing, no additional measures will be required to follow the lunar eclipse without health risks.

If clouds are blocked, this phenomenon can be tracked online.

“Anyone who can not see can connect to the Internet and follow the scene from our cameras in the sky around the world,” said Andrew Vesikas, a spokesman for Astronomers and WeatherBorders.

And the next opportunity for Americans to see a total loss of the moon will be available in 2022.

Vizikas said that the red color of the bloody moon is the result of the flow of sunlight through the atmosphere, which is covered by dust and pollution.

Blue rays with the shortest and most refractive wavelength are scattered outside the Earth’s surface, while the longer, less refractive red rays travel toward the moon.



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