The new US deployment in Iraq

15 January 2019

Knight of speech
Knight of speech
An Iraqi writer based in London


 On January 6 US ground troops appeared in the center of Baghdad, in a scene that was completely surprising to Iraqi citizens and the media.  And worse, it was an earthquake expert members of the House of Representatives, political parties under the banner of Iran or others.
What is remarkable is how Iraqi citizens treated a small number of American soldiers, who surrounded them in one of Baghdad’s most busy streets (Mutanabi Street).  While such a movement was something that could only be believed through Hollywood movies.  Those who have been briefed on the images of the (unarmed) US soldiers surrounded by hundreds of Iraqi youth know the vast and irrational difference between the US presence of 2003-2011 and 2019. In the first phase, US troops heavily armed with ground and air defenses were targets of the Iraqi resistance In all its forms, which is now the axioms of the Iraqi day that everyone knows, from children and even the sheikhs, men and women, how the scene turned in 2019 to look the march of a handful of American soldiers in central Baghdad and without a little protection, like a picnic,
There was a media hype about the US soldiers roaming in central Baghdad, led by the deputy commander of US forces, Austin Rinforth, accompanied by the Baghdad Operations Commander of the Iraqi Army Jalil al-Rubaie. This is true, but for this move, on the 98th anniversary of the establishment of the Iraqi army, the signs can not be ignored or misinterpreted. The United States knows, and in detail, all Iran’s moves in Iraq, and knows that it has the upper hand on most of the filesIf not all, which the US president, Donald Trump, may have considered the mistakes of “heinous” US administrations, from the administration of former President George W. Bush to Barack Obama.  Trump is responsible for opening Iraq’s doors to Iran, and only by ensuring two main things in this country: removing Iraq entirely from the Arab-Israeli conflict, continuing and increasing the pumping of Iraqi oil into world markets and American control of the security of its production and export through all available outlets .
With the increasing US targeting of the regime in Tehran during the current Trump presidency, and the presence of Arab and Gulf efforts and support to limit Iran’s military and ideological capabilities, Iraq has become the most important and prominent arena in determining the movement of Iran’s mobile arms freely to this moment in Syria and Lebanon , And of course Iraq.
 “The march of American soldiers in Baghdad, on the 98th anniversary of the establishment of the Iraqi army, indications can not be neglected or misinterpreted”


There have been many American steps, most of which have been completely confidential, aimed at strengthening the US presence in Iraq militarily, politically and economically. As for militarily, Washington has sought to establish the presence of elite forces in bases in several areas in Iraq, on the pretext of helping to expel the terrorist organization calling from the Iraqi cities occupied in 2014, and then under the pretext of preventing the return of the organization to work in these areas, Now, after the people have tasted the scorn of the “da’ash”, and those who came under the pretext of “liberation” from sectarian criminal militias and the Iranian Quds Force, I say that these areas have become a safe haven for American forces, Protect them and prevent their destruction or the forced demographic change of the areas  T live.
Politically, and strikingly, the appointment of Matthew Toller as US ambassador to Baghdad suggests that the time for change in the rules of the game in Iraq has come, as this man is a hawk in the Trump administration who have a special hatred for Iran, and also those who believe, “We have not gone to Iraq, and we have lost thousands of Americans, thousands, and hundreds of billions in order to hand over to Iran.” The role of Toller in the game of power centers in the swing political process in Iraq, which made the issue of file management bear political conflicts, until recently was ruled by a decision of the commander of the Quds Force in the Revolutionary Guards, Qasim Soleimani, or from the Iranian ambassador in Iraq .
Economically, Washington is pressing Tehran hard. To date, Baghdad has been given two opportunities to handle the sanctions imposed on Iran.  The statement by Iraqi Oil Minister Thamer al-Ghadhban on January 12 that negotiations with the visiting Iranian oil minister on the development of joint oilfields have not been successful is evidence of this. The visit of Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Jawad Zarif, to Baghdad, accompanied by dozens of Iranian businessmen and investors, perhaps this statement clearly indicates Iranian attempts to cling to the Iraqi market as a major consumer of Iranian products.

“Iraqis see US forces as the only force capable of protecting them from genocide or forced demographic change”

The American soldiers in Baghdad toured the Iraqi street, proposed and planned by US Ambassador Matthew Toller, to gauge the Iraqi people’s acceptance of the next US role in their country. The results of this experiment may indicate popular acceptance of this presence. But the US administration must be well aware of the fact that the Iraqis, in general, are not enemies of the American people, and if they did not enter in 2003 invaders and occupiers of their country, they did not behave with them in the same way that made the coffins of their dead extend from Baghdad to Washington. The Americans saw themselves, the peaceful people of this people, their paper and their prestige, when they were not in the defense of their country, and the original scene of January 6 that Iraqis were fed up with Iran, its tools and products and its politicians and all their militias, Wait for an American role to hit them, and relieve them of some of the pressure that has been exercised against them for 15 years, under the eyes of the world and its ears, especially the United States.
The philosophy of US Ambassador Matthew Toller is based on the existence and replacement of Iranian hegemony in Iraq over the “occupation of Iraq”, not through the “border”, as in 2003, but by winning the “hearts”, taking advantage of the strong Iraqi dislike for Iran and its political and security system Economic and sectarian development in Iraq.,15700023,15700124,15700186,15700191,15700201,15700237,15700242,15700248&usg=ALkJrhhxncJLT–LQSZ917rAj9OPHNj4BA

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