The Interior Inspectorate returns 27 billion dinars to the state treasury


Journal News

The Interior Ministry’s inspector general’s office recommended the return of more than 27 billion dinars to the state treasury last December, preventing more than one billion dinars from being wasted in the same month.

The monthly report of the Office of the Inspector-General on UNOPS audit activity stated that it was able to return (3,694,118,959) dinars, recommended a return of (23,947,724,023) dinars to another, and prevented from wasting (JD 969,921,200).

The report added: “The Directorate has expressed its opinion during the month in 90 investigative councils and 121 reports of the departments of inspection Baghdad and the provinces.”

The report pointed out that during the month the Directorate inspected 238 transactions within the internal control section. It also inspected 109 contracts within the Ministry’s operational plan, 31 contracts in its investment plan and 3 contracts for the Police Martyrs’ Fund.

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