Pompeo Security Announces Several American Soldiers in Iraq: Our Rules Establish by Inviting Host Countries


Pompeo declares many US soldiers in Iraq: Our rules are established by inviting host countries
 Twilight News    
 40 minutes ago

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said on Thursday that his country has about 5,000 troops in Iraq, with a total of 166,000 in the past, and that his country had tens of thousands of American troops in Iraq. Saudi Arabia This number has become the past. 

In the same spirit, the United States last year strengthened the coalition of partners and allies to crack down on extremist organizations and liberate Iraqis, Syrians, Arabs, Kurds, Muslims, Christians and men. Women and children.

“President Trump has given our commanders in the field all the powers to strike a faster and stronger organization than before. Now 99 percent of the land that has been controlled has been liberated and normalcy has returned to millions of Iraqis and Syrians. To feel great pride in this achievement. 

He pointed out that the United States helps to reconstruct the liberated areas in Iraq to prevent the return of the organization (Daqsh) again, and provided about 2.4 billion dollars of humanitarian assistance to Iraq since 2014, and raised about 30 billion dollars in the form of grants and funding to Iraq during Iraq Reconstruction Conference in Kuwait last year. 

He stressed that life in the areas that controlled Da’ash in Iraq was hell, and today these areas were liberated because of the strength of the international coalition.

On the Iranian issue, the US Secretary of State said: “President Trump’s administration reflected the dangers of the Iranian regime and withdrew from the failed nuclear agreement with its false promises. The United States reintroduced the sanctions that were to be lifted yesterday and also organized a new pressure campaign to cut the revenues used by the Iranian regime to spread Terrorism and destruction in the country .. In addition to joining the ranks of the Iranian people to demand freedom and strengthened our bonds of understanding between our allies on the need to combat the agenda of the Iranian regime. “

He praised the important and pivotal role played by Egypt, Oman, Kuwait and Jordan in supporting US sanctions against Iran. The UAE cut off Iranian imports in re-imposing US sanctions, helped Bahrain to uncover and fight Iran’s Revolutionary Guard agents from the country and stop Iran’s maritime activities. Iranian expansion and influence in the region. 

“We want all countries in the world to continue to undermine Iranian activity in the region,” Pompeo said, adding that he helped America’s friends in South Korea and Poland face the wave of regional devastation and global terrorism that Iran is doing. Countries around the world cut Iranian oil imports In addition to private companies from France, Germany, Britain and other countries.

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