Central Bank sets 20 banks to eliminate the space

Release date: 2019/1/8 11:44

The Central Bank of Iraq said that the settlement of salaries to employees is an important measure to eliminate the aliens who receive more than a salary from the state and restore confidence between the citizen and the banking sector.

“The settlement of salaries is done with the approval of the Central Bank of the recognized banks, whether governmental or private, and according to the conditions of the Central Bank and its law, and the employee has the right to choose to settle his salary as he believes in the service provided by the bank” .

“The central bank has approved 20 government banks to settle salaries for government and private sector employees,” Hussein said.

“This measure will eliminate the people in government departments who receive more than salaries from the government departments, in addition to the benefits that the employee will earn from the bank, which will be settled from the advances, loans and banking facilities.”

He demanded that “the employees to settle their salaries in any bank they see fit for their aspirations,” noting that “this measure will do the relationship between citizens and banks and will rebuild confidence for the banking sector.


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