Association of Iraqi Private Banks Holds the “Senior Office Management”



Economy News _ Baghdad

The Association of Iraqi Private Banks, in cooperation with the Center for Banking Studies at the Central Bank, held a training course on “Management of senior offices” at the headquarters of the Central Bank, with the participation of 35 trainees from Rafidain Bank, K-Card and the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers.

“One of the objectives of the course is to highlight the challenges facing office managers by properly organizing the work of the administration as well as finding solutions to problems and uncertainties that may occur,” said Ahmed Al Hashemi, director of administration and training at the Association of Iraqi Private Banks. In offices, “adding that” the director of the office is no less important than the general manager because of all the work rests with the director of the office. “

Hashemi added that the training program will provide the latest developments in the work of the high offices of banks and how to upgrade the office work using the latest systems in place globally, noting that “the course lasts for three days.”

He pointed out that “the Association depends on the trainers with long experience and holders of international certificates.”

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