5 thoughts on “From Searching 4 Dinar to all our readers, we wish you and yours a Happy, Healthy & Prosperous New Year!

  1. Thank you, Walter. You are so faithful in sending out the news for the Dinar. Thank you so much for all your work this past year. I love you and wish for you and your family a wonderful New Year as well.

    God’s blessings,
    Sylvia Fischer


  2. Hi Ralph, I’m more confused than ever. I thought the RV was just around the corner. I thought the RV meant the value would go up, not down. It looks like the ratio of the dollar to the dinar keeps getting worse. I may not see many more birthdays and I would like to see the RV increase in value while I still have birthdays. Are there any words of encouragements? I appreciate the great job you do and look forward to all your postings.


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