Trump’s plan to withdraw from Syria


Date of release:: 2018/12/31 0:37 Trump's plan to withdraw from Syria
The Republican senator, Lindsey Graham, said the president, Donald Trump, had reassured him about his plan to withdraw US troops from Syria and his commitment to defeat a militant organization at a meeting at the White House on Sunday.
“We talked about Syria,” Graham told reporters outside the White House after the meeting, “some things I did not know which made me feel more comfortable with what we’re doing in Syria.” 
Graham is a powerful figure on national security policy and a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, although he is an ally of Trump but opposes some of his decisions on foreign policy. 
“We still have some differences, but I will tell you that the president is seriously considering Syria on how to withdraw our forces, but at the same time we are in the interests of our national security,” the South Carolina senator said. 
For its part, the Pentagon said it was considering plans “for a planned and thoughtful withdrawal,” a source familiar with the matter said one option was a 120-day withdrawal period.
Earlier, Trump ordered the withdrawal of 2,000 US troops from Syria and asked the Pentagon to draw up plans for the withdrawal of about 7,000 troops based in Afghanistan. 
US troops have already withdrawn from Syria and entered northern Iraq. 
The Trump decision on Syria and Afghanistan is a turning point in US foreign policy and could open the door to a series of unforeseen events in the Middle East and Afghanistan. 
The military withdrawal comes from Syria, coinciding with the Russian Foreign Ministry’s description of the US presence in Syria as “illegal”, saying it has become a serious obstacle to the settlement of the Syrian crisis.

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