Trump: Two visits to Iraq have been canceled for fear of Melania


2018/12/27 09:01 p
ترامب: ألغيت زيارتين للعراق خوفاً على ميلانيا

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – US President Donald Trump on Wednesday admitted security concerns accompanied his visit to Iraq, expressing “deep sorrow” for his need for all this secrecy to meet US troops there. 

On a surprise visit to Iraq after many criticisms of his refusal to visit US troops abroad, Trump said he was worried about the trip “when I heard what you had to go through.” 

“I had concerns about the presidency, not about me personally,” said Trump, who was accompanied by his wife Melania on his trip. 

Trump, who left Washington overnight in a lighted plane, indicated the cancellation of two previous “visits” after news leaked out. 

“It’s very sad when you spend $ 7 trillion in the Middle East that it takes you to go there with all this enormous secrecy, the aircraft around you, the world’s greatest equipment, and everything to do it safely,” he said. 

Trump’s trip came after his surprise decision to withdraw US troops from Syria on the pretext of defeating an oppressive organization, and that the United States spends a lot on foreign interventions.,15700023,15700124,15700186,15700191,15700201,15700237,15700242,15700248&usg=ALkJrhgYc7XGfyIjVVplcEn7hw0uOIQ_GA


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