Saleh calls on the Pope to visit Iraq and hold a conference on interfaith dialogue in Ur


Date of release: 2018/12/26 12:07 
(Baghdad: Al-Furat News) President Barham Saleh stressed the need for coexistence and tolerance and against extremism to support peace and stability and find radical solutions to the crises and issues in the region.
“The teachings of our true Islamic religion and the valuable principles of Christ have made us do more to spare the region and the world wars and futile conflicts,” President Saleh said during a reception at the Peace Palace in Baghdad on Wednesday morning, Vatican Prime Minister Cardinal Pietro Barrolin and his accompanying delegation. , Stressing the importance of “unifying the efforts between the different religions to fight extremist ideology, and isolate this category of anomalies that do not reflect the beliefs and values ​​of our heavenly messages and social norms.” 
“Iraq is keen to build strong and developed relations with all countries on the basis of common interests,” he said, praising the role of the Vatican in supporting Iraq and establishing a culture of love, tolerance and harmony among peoples.
President Saleh paid tribute to the pope, Pope Francis, wishing him good health. He called on His Holiness to visit Iraq and hold a conference on interfaith dialogue in the historic city of Ur. 
The meeting also discussed ways to develop relations between the two friendly countries, expand the horizons of joint cooperation in all fields, discuss the situation of Christians in Iraq, maintain their presence and participation in building their country, and the importance of continuing the international community’s support for Iraq’s efforts to rebuild areas inhabited by Christians and components. Others that have suffered the scourge of terrorism. 
For his part, Cardinal Barrolin conveyed the greetings of His Holiness Pope Francis to the President of the Republic, stressing the Vatican’s keenness to strengthen ties with Iraq at various levels, praising the peaceful co-existence among Iraqis of different faiths and religions.
In a press conference held by the Vatican’s Prime Minister after the meeting, he noted that his visit to Iraq is an embodiment of the sympathy and support of His Holiness Pope Francis with all Iraqis and stand by them and his keenness to strengthen ties with Iraq in various fields.


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