Washington insists on cutting oil prices below $ 50 a barrel



Information / special … 
stressed the economic expert Majid picture, Tuesday, that the United States is determined to reduce world oil prices around $ 50 and to prevent the rise, between Washington controls the global oil market by reducing production and lift it . 
“The decline in oil prices could be improved by the commitment of free producers and members of OPEC to reduce production,” Al-Soury said in a statement to Al-Maaloumah. “Oil production cuts will push prices up by $ 65 to $ 75.” 
He added that “America is determined at the moment to reduce prices by the limits of $ 50 and prevent the rise,” noting that “these steps were obtained as a result of political factors and the activation of the US oil industry put on the market.”
Al-Soury said that OPEC is not the sole ruler of the oil markets, but that there is a large US production and stockpile that could negatively affect markets. “The American side is exploiting political factors to control oil prices,” he said. 
The oil expert Hamzah al-Jawahiri said earlier that the reduction of oil production worked by OPEC will be activated early next year and will contribute to raising world oil prices, while Iraq will reduce 140 thousand barrels of its daily production.


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