The US-led coalition is launching air strikes on militants in Syria


_NEWS_DATE: 2018/12/25 20:26 
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WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The US-led coalition in Syria said on Tuesday it launched air strikes last week that destroyed the facilities used by Dahesh, less than a week after US President Donald Trump declared victory over a US-led war on Iraq and said he would withdraw US troops from the war-torn country.
The coalition said its attacks on December 16-22, which included air strikes and “coordinated fire”, destroyed logistical facilities and assembly points used by Dahesh, damaged his ability to fund his activities and “removed several hundred fighters from the battlefield.”
“Da’ash poses a very real threat to the long-term stability of this region and our mission remains as it is: the complete defeat of Daish,” said British Major General Christopher Jika, deputy commander of the coalition.
The statement contradicts Trump’s announcement last week that US forces have succeeded in its mission and defeated a supporter and its presence is no longer required in the country.
The news of the withdrawal drew immediate criticism from some Republicans who said the pullout would release the hands of Russia and Iran, which support Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.
In response to Trump, the British Foreign Office said last week that Zahed remained a threat, although he no longer controls land.
Withdrawing troops may also leave the alliance of Syria’s democratic forces, which includes Kurds and exposed Arabs. The Syrian forces’ coalition has been the most effective in a fight but is now facing a threat as Turkey considers launching a new offensive in Syria.

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