Deputy: the budget of 2019 explosive and similar to its counterpart for the year 2010



Information / special .. 
MP for the coalition building Abdul Aoun Allawi, Tuesday, budget 2019 Balanfjarih and likeness of theircounterparts in 2010, noting that the budget includes the payment of 30 trillion debt of the World Bank, IMF, Germany and Britain. 
“Allawi said that” the budget of 2019 explosive after reaching 132 trillion dinars and close to the 2010 budget, but disappointing to have a large deficit. ” 
“The budget contains the repayment of the debts of the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, Germany, Britain and some other countries,” adding that “Iraq pays from the budget of 2019 debt about 30 trillion dinars.” 
He explained that “the Council is working on the transfer between the sections of the budget and reduce the rates of exchange and maximize imports to reduce the proportion of deficit by 2019 budget.”

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