Minister of Trade confirms guarantees to investors in Iraq


Minister of Trade confirms guarantees to investors in IraqDirection / Continue

Minister of Commerce Mohammad Hashim al-Ani said on Monday that the investment law provides all privileges and guarantees for the investor in Iraq, pointing to the importance of strengthening Arab economic relations, stressing the need for small projects to achieve development and reduce unemployment among young people.

The ministry said in a statement received by “Trend Press” a copy of it, “Minister Al-Ani presided over today, the extraordinary meeting of the Economic and Social Council of the League of Arab States at the headquarters of the Secretariat of the Arab League in Cairo.”

The statement quoted Al-Ani as saying, “Based on the Iraqi government’s understanding of the importance of investment, it has embarked on building a complete economic pattern in which the private sector plays a pioneering role. The investment law has been legislated to provide the investor with all privileges and guarantees.”

“We call on the Arab countries to give priority to strengthening Arab economic relations in a way that will lead to increased trade exchange and stimulate investment among Arab countries,” he said. “The meeting is a qualitative start in the joint Arab economic work, because its clauses include all dimensions that will lead to the establishment of an economic structure. Social and Arab achievements and an effective start to the process of social and economic development. ”

“The importance of these projects as a tributary of development helps reduce unemployment among young people and develop economic resources,” he said.



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