Trump is considering the “slow and coordinated” withdrawal from Syria with Erdogan

Twilight News

one hour ago

US President Donald Trump said he discussed the Syrian file in a telephone conversation with his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan and spoke of “a slow and carefully coordinated withdrawal of US troops from the region.”

Trump said in a tweet on Twitter that he had a long and fruitful phone conversation with Erdogan, which also dealt with an organization promoting and strengthening trade relations.

Last Wednesday, Trump announced the withdrawal of all 2,000 US troops from Syria in a decision that was seen as a surprise and caused considerable controversy both inside and outside the United States.

The decision came after a telephone call between Trump and his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan, where the two sides agreed on the American demilitarization in exchange for Ankara’s continued “fight against terrorists”.

Following the announcement of the US withdrawal, Turkey mobilized its forces on the Syrian border and announced an imminent military operation against Turkish insurgents, but later said it would wait a little at the request of Washington.

For Turkey, which shares some 822 kilometers of the border with Syria, elements of Syria’s democratic forces pose a threat to its national security, in alliance with the PKK, which Ankara and Washington classify as terrorists.


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