Washington’s envoy to the international coalition resigns against Brit Mckgorek’s lobbyist

Release date: 2018/12/22 20:15

{International: The Euphrates News} Washington’s envoy to the International Alliance is presenting a petition against Bret Meckgorek’s resignation before his departure in February.

Brett McGurk, the United States envoy to the international coalition to fight the terrorist organization Da’ash, resigned on Friday, hours after Defense Secretary James Matisse announced his resignation over differences over US President Donald Rumsfeld’s announcement, officials said Saturday. Trump, withdrew his troops from Syria.

After the defense minister, “Brett McGork” resigns from his post

resigned US President’s envoy for international coalition, Brett McGork, from his office in protest against the decision to withdraw from Syria

and the network said “McGurk submitted his resignation on Friday,” adding sources, that ” Mike Pompeo, that he will accelerate his departure for a fierce dispute with Trump about his decision to withdraw the withdrawal of 2,000 US troops from Syria, “pointing out that McGork,” was planning to leave his post in February next year. ”

US President Donald Trump announced last night the resignation of Defense Secretary James Matisse from office at the end of February 2019.

Matisse’s resignation came just one day after Trump announced the withdrawal of US troops from Syria within 100 days. From Afghanistan.

In a letter to Trump, Matisse said, “His view of the world, which tends to traditional alliances and countering malignations, runs counter to the president’s views.”

“Because you have the right to have a defense minister whose views are better aligned with your views on these and other issues, I think it is right for me to step down,” he said.


4 thoughts on “Washington’s envoy to the international coalition resigns against Brit Mckgorek’s lobbyist

  1. Great! Just what we need, another crisis. Even though the Kurd’s that are in danger are the ones in Syria, I can’t see the Iraqi Kurd’s allowing their brothers to get slaughtered by Turkey. If Iraqi Kurd’s engage with Turkey then Iraq must follow. It would be insane for Iraq to engage with Turkey but what else can they do.With McGurk resigning along with Mattis that puts doubt on US commitment and confidence in Iraq’s ability to defend the Syrian Kurd’s. Iraq doesn’t even have a Defense Minister and Mahdi doesn’t have his GOI in place and he is already facing a new crisis.

    This does not bode well for the stability the CBI has always touted as being needed for a RI/RV.

    Why is it that something always happens just at the last moment when we are on the verge of the monetary reform?

    2011- Obama pulls troops out of Baghdad. Maliki stops RV dead and banishes Shabibi.
    2014 – Maliki drops weapons and flees leaving ISIS to overrun Iraq.
    2018 – Trump pulls troops out of Syria causing the above new “crisis.”

    It really makes you wonder who is really running the show. Trump has been touted as having this RV in his cross-hairs. How can that be when this new crisis will undoubtedly affect the stability of Iraq. You know the ISIS fighters hiding out in the hills on the border between Iraq and Syrian are just licking their chops right now.

    No GOI as yet with a new conflict looming. How can the CBI ignore this? WHY does this always happen?


    • Aanth-
      McGurk was leaving in February anyway-
      The Syrian situation is in its next phase wherein the “Global Coalition” will take over. FYI a The CC is comprised of over 77 countries ..
      FYI- the 2,000 troops that are being pulled of Syria will be moved to Erbil to a new base…
      & the Syrian/Iraq border will be secured….


      • The news from Washington is that the “troops are coming home.” Is it not? So you’re saying they are going to Erbil? I haven’t seen that stated anywhere. But, ok, let’s say that happens.

        McGurk leaving now on the heals of Mattis is obviously pertinent and reflects a shaky US policy in the region. If, for example, we do pull our troops back to Erbil and Turkey wipes out the Syrian Kurd’s which they have already said was a sure thing, then Iraq will have no choice to at least defend its own borders. You can bet ISIS is coming. That means we, the USA will have to defend Iraq and be right back into a conflict on the Syrian border which is almost the same thing we are doing now. I don’t really care about the wars in the region. They will always be there, but it seems that there is always something that happens to kick this can down the road.

        Again, my only point is how this affects the stability of Iraq. The CBI is really skitzy when it comes to this. I can’t see how any of this is good for our project.


        • Aanth, I have posted that the Troops will be going to Erbil.I’ve also posted that the Iraq/Syrian Border will be heavily protected.
          Sect. Pompeo & Gen Votal today & yesterday told PM Mahdi & Pres that US will heavily protect Iraq againsT ISIS.
          Syria is heavily conflicted, there is no clear objective.
          Many are against this move, but many would like their families safer…
          We have been the policeman of the world far too long.
          Time for next phase…


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