US Forces to Leave Syria, be Stationed in Kurdistan: Report


23/12/2018 – 01:31


ERBIL – The United States is reportedly trying to strengthen its presence in the Kurdistan Region, a report said, pointing out that those US forces who are expected to be pulled out of Syria, will be stationed in Erbil province.

Earlier on Wednesday President Donald Trump said that he would withdraw the US troops from Syria, stating that the war against the Islamic State (IS) is over in the region and that the militant group was defeated.

Iraqi Media al-Hurra TV channel cited an official from the US Department of Defense as saying that his country would soon evacuate 2,130 soldiers from Syria and that will deploy them to Kurdistan Region’s Erbil province.

Earlier the year on April 23, US Ambassador to Iraq Douglas Silliman announced the establishment of a new Consulate building in Erbil in cooperation with Kurdistan Region (KRG).

“The building will be a tangible sign to the continuous commitment of the US to engage with and assist the KRG and its people to build a strong region, within a unified, democratic, and prosperous Iraq,” the US envoy was quoted by Kurdistan 24 during a press conference in Erbil where the former Consul General Ken Gross was attending, as well.

4 thoughts on “US Forces to Leave Syria, be Stationed in Kurdistan: Report

  1. Well, this is encouraging but, it still dosn’t mean that an invasion attempt isn’t going to happen. The point is that if there is conflict, armed conflict, that is cause for the “crisis” mode thereby pausing any imminent RV.

    True, I’m probably over reacting but, man, all of this political polarization is just driving everything nuts!

    Happy Holidays Ralph! (Walter) 🙂


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