Member of the Parliamentary Finance surprise surprise about the budget of 2019

Editorial Date: 2018/12/22 20:30

(Baghdad: Al-Furat News) A member of the Finance Committee of Parliament, Siham al-Musawi, on Saturday, a surprise for the federal budget for the year 2019.

“There is a series of meetings and discussions that will precede the adoption of the budget to read the second reading in the next Monday’s session, which will be subject to discussion and comments before approval, which may take a month or more.”

Moussaoui described the budget as “miserable and does not contain any change from its predecessors,” noting that “the parliamentary finance presented to the Ministerial Committee 47 observations, but the latter took only one observation in terms of the development of the regions and increased to 2 trillion.”

She pointed out that “the Kurds got their full credit in the budget of 2019, and we do not expect to be delayed recognition by the region, but a number of other things.”

The House of Representatives read the law of the general budget read first while the second reading will be started in the meeting next Monday

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