Iraq Strengthens Forces on Syrian Borders Amid US Troops’ Withdrawal


23/12/2018 – 00:47


ERBIL – Iraq has strengthened its forces on the border areas with Syria as the US President Donald Trump has announced the withdrawal of his country’s forces from the region, a military official said.

Capt. Najm Abdul Latif, commander of Al-Jazeera and Al-Badia operations, said that joint forces have reinforced their presence in some border areas with Syria since last Thursday.

On Wednesday evening Trump said that he believes the Islamic State (IS) has been defeated and therefore announced the start of the withdrawal of his country’s troops from Syria without setting a timetable.

Meanwhile, Iraqi political and security analyst Hamid al-Akashi said on Friday that the withdrawal of US troops from Syria will not affect the security situation in the border and western areas of Anbar, since the US troops have several military bases there.

“The withdrawal of US forces from the Syrian areas near the Iraqi border gradually will not affect the security of the Iraqi areas,” Akashi told BasNews.

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