Iraq takes action on the border with Syria after Washington’s sudden decision

journal News

Iraqi forces stationed on the border with Syria have stepped up their surveillance and precautionary measures, coinciding with President Donald Trump’s statements to begin the withdrawal of US troops from northeastern Syria.

The commander of the operations of the island and the desert, Major General Qasim al-Mahmoudawi told “Radio Sawa” US, said that the militants are currently present in the Syrian Sousse and Balabuz, which is monitored by Iraqi forces, has intensified readiness there to repel any attacks or attempts to infiltrate.

Al-Mahmoudawi did not hide the fact that the fighting in Syria will reduce the risk and avoid the region to fight battles, but he reiterated the emphasis on what he described vigilant and warned the security forces, especially as Syria’s democratic forces did not play a role in protecting the Iraqi border.


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