International Development Bank accounts for half of e-cards issued in Iraq

Logo of the International Development Bank


Economy News Baghdad

The International Development Bank (IDB) has acquired 50% of the volume of electronic cards issued within the Iraqi market, pointing out that it has the largest network of ATMs with 250 ATMs .

The Chairman of the Board in the bank, the increase behind, in an interview with the magazine “Union of Arab banks” and his “Economic News”, that the bank has a pioneering experience at the level of the Iraqi banking sector, because it distinguished the introduction of modern technology to the banking system, “adding that “The bank invests in infrastructure, especially in the field of information technology, and today it is an associate member with major international companies such as MasterCard and Visa .

Khalaf added that the bank’s first plan was to spread locally and the second “we decided to have an official representative office in Lebanon.” Earlier this year, he opened an official representative office in the United Arab Emirates .

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