MacGurke stresses coalition interest in Iraq’s stability and reconstruction


Editorial Date: 2018/12/18 23:23 • 38 times read
(Baghdad: al-Furat News) The special envoy of the US President to fight the prodding Bert McGurk, the international coalition’s interest in the stability of Iraq.
A statement issued by the Foreign Ministry, received by the agency {Euphrates News} a copy of it, “Minister Mohammed al-Hakim discussed during his meeting in his office in Baghdad, Tuesday, McGurk and US Ambassador to Baghdad Douglas Silliman, ways to strengthen strategic relations between the two countries and emphasize the importance of achieving common interests in Different areas of the two friendly peoples “. 
He added that “during the meeting, they reviewed the most important recent developments in the fight against Da’ash and the efforts of the international coalition, specifically in the areas of western Iraq and the border with Syria. He called on Washington to cooperate to stimulate investment in Iraq and contribute to the reconstruction of cities liberated from terrorist gangs, “a.
For his part, congratulated the Minister of Defense on the occasion of assuming the position of Minister of Foreign Affairs in the new Iraqi government, stressing the “interest of the international coalition to stabilize the situation in Iraq and start reconstruction and investment, as well as push for the development of relations with the International Coalition and the United States of America, In the Middle East and a number of international issues of mutual interest. “

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