Parliamentary Finance reveals the date of approval of the federal budget for 2019


Information / special … 
The Finance Committee of the parliamentary, on Sunday, the date of approval of the federal budget for 2019, and pointed out that the budget will be approved during the three months of next year, attributed to the instability of the prices of the sale of world oil and its decline suddenly and large. 
The Committee member Siham Shannon told the agency / information /, “The draft federal budget law for the year 2019 will be subject to discussion and reading and voting within the parliament during the three month of the beginning of next year,” noting that “the decline in world oil prices caused delays in the adoption of the federal budget” . 
Shannon added that “the parliamentary finance seeks in cooperation with the Ministry of Finance to reduce the price of selling barrels of oil within the budget without 50 dollars for not entering the country with a large fiscal deficit during the new budget,” indicating that “the final price will be put during the meeting of Finance Parliament and Finance Minister Fouad Hussein In the coming days. “
“The reduction of expenditures in the federal budget will include not only unimportant expenses without prejudice to expenses related to staff,” explaining that “the Finance Committee seeks to expand the grades of unemployed graduates.” 
Earlier, UBS had expected oil prices to rise to $ 85 over the next six to twelve months, boosting expectations for the Middle East. End 25 T


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