URGENT Trump deputy renews support for Iraq’s Mahdi and praises the opening of green


Editorial Date: 2018/12/11 22:58 • 57 times read
(Baghdad: Al-Furat News) Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi received a telephone call from US Vice President Mike Bens on Tuesday evening.
“The congratulations of President Donald Trump and the US government to him to form the Iraqi government and renew support for its directions to achieve the aspirations of the Iraqi people and the desire to expand the relations of cooperation between the two countries, praising the Iraqi government’s move to open the region,” a statement from the Prime Minister’s Office said. Green “. 
The Prime Minister stressed the importance of strengthening the cooperation relations between Iraq and the United States in all fields and economic affairs in particular and to achieve the interests of Iraq and preserve its independence and sovereignty and promote opportunities for development and stability in the region. 
The statement pointed out that “during the call to confirm the support of the Iraqi government to protect all components of the Iraqi people and end the suffering of the displaced and displaced.”


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