Kurdish source: Baghdad agreed to increase the share of the province of the budget

Policy    12/11/2018 19:47  1333

Baghdad today – Baghdad

Revealed a Kurdish political source early on Tuesday, the approval of the federal government in Baghdad, to increase the share of the Kurdistan region of the budget, announcing the new ratio.

The source said for “Baghdad today,” that “the joint government committee, which is formed to consider the share of the region of the federal budget, the General agreed to increase the share of Kurdistan by the budget in 2019.”

“An agreement was reached to increase the share of Kurdistan to 14 percent of the 2019 budget, instead of 12.67, as was the case in the 2018 budget,” the source said, adding that the agreement “came to please the Kurdish parties.”

He continued, “The proposal to increase the share of the region was submitted by Finance Minister Fouad Hussein, and was approved by the Joint Governmental Committee.”

The draft draft law of the budget of 2019, estimated revenues of 105 trillion and 569 billion and 686 million and 870 thousand dinars, with an export rate of oil of 3 million and 880 thousand barrels per day.

While the public expenditure for the year 2019, 128 trillion and 443 billion and 52 million and 427 thousand dinars, while the deficit will be around 22 trillion and 873 billion and 365 million and 557 thousand dinars, covered by increases in oil prices or increased production, and domestic and external borrowing.

The introduction of the draft federal budget law for 2019, in the House of Representatives, the objections of a number of political forces on the pretext of varying dues of the provinces, while called for the three presidencies, to amend the draft law, as appropriate to the requirements of liberated areas, and the provision of services


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