calls for “effective” use of the US-Iraqi agreement

Kurdistan calls for "effective" benefit of the US-Iraqi agreement
 Twilight News    
 one hour ago

The Kurdistan Region Security Council adviser pleased Barzani on Tuesday, the Kurdistan Region demands to benefit effectively from the content of the US-Iraqi strategic agreement.

This came during a meeting with US Energy Secretary Rick Perry and his accompanying delegation.

A statement issued by the Barzani Information Office said that at the beginning of the meeting, the US Energy Minister expressed his satisfaction with the development witnessed in the Kurdistan Region. He also talked about the purpose of his visit, which includes strengthening US relations with Iraq and the Kurdistan Region in the field of energy and economy, Kirkuk oil through the Kurdistan Region good start.

For his part, Barzani said that the continuity of relations in all areas is in the interest of stability of the region in general, saying that work is underway and with the help of partners to make Kurdistan more powerful and developed.

He added that the Kurdistan Region demands to benefit effectively from the strategic agreement between America and Iraq, especially in the sectors of energy and economy and reforms.

And in the field of starting a new phase with Baghdad, explained the adviser to the Security Council of the Kurdistan Region that dialogue and discussion will continue in order to reach the appropriate solutions to all the problems.

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