Abdul Mahdi: Candidates of the Interior and Defense of the options of blocks and we will send a delegation to Washington {expanded}


Editorial Date: 2018/12/11 23:36 
The Prime Minister, Adel Abdul Mahdi, said Tuesday that there were ministers who had the freedom to choose them without any interference from any party, adding that “the rest of the ministers are chosen as a result of political agreements.”
“The political blocs, especially the blocks of construction and reform are the names and the prime minister has to choose who is closer to him in terms of efficiency and the formation of political balance,” Abdul Mahdi said during his weekly press conference. 
He added that “the political blocs are the candidates for the Ministries of Defense and Interior was not the Prime Minister is the one who chose or choose regardless of the prime minister’s point of view in the personalities chosen.” 
On US sanctions against Iran, the prime minister said he would send a delegation to the United States to seek an exemption from sanctions on Iran, allowing Baghdad to continue importing gas from Tehran. 
“The subject of gas is related to the sensitive matter of electricity, and the American side understands this situation and is trying to deal with Iraq to find ways to avoid pressure on him, we try to reach common visions.”
As for the opening of part of the Green Zone, Abdul-Mahdi said that “the decision to open the Green Zone, no return, despite attempts to block it,” noting that “the opening, despite its part, but carried many messages to the people,” explaining that “the official must live conditions of his people , And must be in the forefront, we are involved in this project, “pointing out that” the citizen if at risk, the official is also in danger. ” 
“We decided to give the ministries of commerce and electricity the opportunity to complete their contracts,” Abdul Mahdi said.


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