GE ‘s economy details its plan to solve the biggest crisis in Iraq

GE is announcing in detail its plan to resolve the biggest crisis in Iraq
 Twilight News    
 49 minutes ago

(MENAFN Press) GE Electric has presented a series of solutions to address the challenges facing the Iraqi electricity sector during its participation in the “Iraq Leap Forward” conference held today in Baghdad. The conference was attended by 400 senior government officials, representatives of international financial institutions, multinational corporations and others.
During the conference, GE reviewed a comprehensive plan of action for the deployment of fast and well-thought-out power generation technologies, improvements to existing power plants to provide the grid with an additional 1.5 gigawatts of power by 2019, and maintenance and rehabilitation services To ensure continuous power output at current generation plants. In addition, the plan provides for the necessary improvements and services to existing generation plants and the conversion of simple cycle power stations to the combined cycle system, allowing for the provision of new electric power without the need for additional fuel consumption or causing further emissions; A combination of unique solutions to integrate and capture flammable gas and power generation using state-of-the-art gas-to-energy conversion technologies. General Electric also plans to develop substations and extend air lines in the country.
General Electric employs up to 300 employees in Iraq, with three offices in the country – in Baghdad, Basra and Erbil. GE and its partners today provide the power to operate more than 90% of Iraqi Airways aircraft, and the company’s technology contributes up to 55% of the country’s current electricity production. About 4,000 GE Healthcare products are deployed in hospitals and clinics across the country.


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