A public holiday in Iraq to celebrate victory over the “dashing”


A public holiday in Iraq to celebrate victory over the "dashing"
Downtown Baghdad

Direct: Iraqi cabinet decided to announce on Monday, December 10 an official holiday.

The council added in a statement on its official website that the holiday was on the occasion of “the declaration of victory over the organization calling the terrorist.”

“Victory over a supporter came thanks to the blood of our noble martyrs and the heroism of our heroic forces in all their forms,” ​​the council said in a statement.

Like the government institutions, the Iraq Stock Exchange decided to suspend its operations on that day.

The Iraqi Prime Minister announced on December 9 last year, the complete cleansing of the entire island of Nineveh and Anbar remnants of the elements of the organization calling the terrorist and control completely along the Iraqi-Syrian border.

The Iraqi forces announced in mid-November last year the fall of the succession of the Islamic state organization, “urged” after the return to the town of Rawa border, the last town under the control of the organization inside Iraq.

The organization of Da’ash or the organization of the Islamic state is an armed organization that follows the ideology of the Salafist Jihadist groups. Its members aim to restore the Islamic caliphate and the application of shari’a. Its members are present and spread its influence mainly in Iraq, Syria and other countries.

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