Alliance Reform announces the outcome of its meeting today {expanded}


Release date: 2018/12/5 22:15 
{Baghdad: Al Furat News} Alliance for Reform and Reconstruction announced the outcome of its meeting on Wednesday.

“The General Authority of the Alliance of Reform and Reconstruction headed by Mr. Ammar al-Hakim, the head of the coalition and in the presence of leaders of the coalition periodic meeting held and discussed the latest political situation and the file of the formation of the government as well as discuss the rules of procedure of the coalition and the formation of committees and remaining bodies” . 
He added that “the meeting stressed the need to complete the government cab and provide competent ministers and commitment to constitutional and democratic contexts, while stressing the importance of providing services and provide employment opportunities.” 
He pointed out that “the meeting resulted in a number of outputs, including: – 
1 – crystallization of a unified position of the Alliance of Reform and Reconstruction of a national dialogue with the coalition of building and blocks Kurdistan 
2 – move on the political blocs and MPs to convince them to return to the constitutional and legal contexts in passing outstanding issues.
3 – Give the right time to assess the work of the current government and the extent of its commitment to the government program and the provision of services and the implementation of development programs expected. 
4 – Emphasize the representation of the Turkmen component and the component Yazdi and other components of the Iraqi representation fairly in the government commensurate with the status of these components and their role in society. 
5 – Call the Iraqi government to respond to the demands of the demonstrators in Basra and give Nineveh special care with the implementation of their decisions. 
While the meeting agreed on the Bishop of time to review the rules of procedure and the formation of the ten committees and the political body of the coalition

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