Member of Wisdom: Abdul Mahdi will nominate names for interior and defense


Date of release:: 2018/12/2 8:40 
(Baghdad: al-Furat News) A member of the National Wisdom Movement, Abdullah al-Zaidi, that Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi, will nominate the names of the Ministries of Interior and Defense because of the continued disagreement between them between the political blocs.
“Al-Zaidi told the {Euphrates News}” there is a public threshold on the government of Abdul Mahdi, which calls for serious disagreement in resolving differences, especially with regard to the Interior, “noting that” Abdul-Mahdi wants to throw the ball in the House of Representatives in the selection of the Interior Minister and refers to the delegation of political blocs. ” 
“There are blocs that were committed to entrusting Abdul Mahdi and did not get any ministry,” adding that “the stream of wisdom will have a significant role in urging the removal of the government from the impasse and the events of change and completion of the formation of ministerial cab,” pointing out that “there are a number of players Those who control the political process and the coming days will make a difference. ” 
He pointed out that “Abdul Hadi will nominate the names of the security ministries if no solution is reached with the political parties on them,” referring to “
“The agreement was reached with Abdul-Mahdi to nominate more than one political figure for each ministry, and the dispute is not on the person of Faleh Fayyad, but the principle principle among others and the opening not to nominate any party leader or personality took office during the previous government to give a positive impression of change in the street.” 
He stressed that “there is no political entity can promote the political process alone, and that the mandate granted to Abdul Mahdi restricted by some blocks, and there are issues of the will to pass the ministers and not to insist on a certain personality.”

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