Change headed by the Kurdistan government and activate the presidency of the region

Release date: 21/12/2018 21:45

(Baghdad: al-Furat News) revealed a senior source in the Kurdistan Democratic Party, the party’s political bureau held a meeting on Sunday, and resolved the issue of the party’s candidate for the head of the Kurdistan Regional Government.

On Monday, a meeting of the Democratic leadership will take place until the candidate for prime minister is officially announced.

The source said that “there is a strong possibility that Barzani is pleased to be a member of the Political Bureau and the adviser of the Security Council candidate for the post of prime minister, Lana in the event of activation of the presidency of the Kurdistan region will receive the Barzani Nigirvan.

For his part, said Nuri Hama, a leading member of the Kurdistan Democratic, “The Democratic leadership will hold a meeting on Monday, to discuss the conditions of the Kurdistan region and visit Massoud Barzani, head of the Democratic Party to Baghdad and neighboring countries, as well as discuss the results of the visit of a delegation of the Democratic Union and the National Movement for Change to form a new government For the Kurdistan region. ”

“There are several scenarios in this regard, and will be discussed at tomorrow’s meeting also without a doubt, but it is likely not to talk about the file of the first person responsible for the formation of a candidate for the post of President of the Kurdistan Regional Government in the next meeting, The government, because that is in the outcome of the talks and agreements carried out by the democratic and in the end will be the identification of the first person to form the new Kurdistan Regional Government. ”

And on their candidate for the post of prime minister next, said Hama Ali, the media say that pleased Barzani is the candidate and on the other hand is talking about Nechirvan Barzani, but it is normal to be one of those prime minister. ”


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